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High Debt Plaguing Miami Residents

Citizens of Miami carry a larger debt than the national average, but the reason why is easy to see, according to a study by Credit Karma. Magic City residents owe more on their homes, vehicles and student loans. The average mortgage debt is $199,472 in Miami as opposed to the national average of $166,990. They […]

5 Ways To Lower Your Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance is a necessary evil if you want to protect your family. Like most of life’s necessary evils, it is a drain on your wallet. Here are five ways that you can manage that sucking sound that you hear every time you pay your premium. Shop around. It is wise to shop around for […]

Your Emotions Can Be Your Worst Financial Enemies

There are more money saving tips and financial tools available than ever before, yet we are a nation of overspenders who are debt ridden to the breaking point. Why? Because it is not just a question of know how. It is a question of emotions that often compete with knowledge for control of the purse […]

5 Advantages Of Debt Relief

If you are behind on your payments, you know that your creditors are going to hound you every day. The added stress can make it feel as if you are at the end of your rope and make it even harder to think through a serious solution to your money problems. To help you see […]

Pay Your Credit Card Payment Every Week

Do you have a fairly large minimum payment on your credit cards or do you want to peck away at that burdensome debt? Why not make a payment every week and raise your credit score in the process? Paying you credit card payment like this is called making micropayments. Micropayments do not necessarily have to […]

3 Signs You Are A Credit Junkie

Credit is like a narcotic to some people. The high comes from being able to get credit to cover all of their life needs. Unfortunately, like drugs, there comes a time when you can not get enough to meet your needs or you get in so much trouble you look for a way out. Here […]

5 More Tips For Controlling Your Finances

In an earlier post we went over some very basic money management tips. Here are a few more that go a little further and may help you work your way out of debt and put a little money into a non-retirement savings account. Set SMART goals for finances…SMART means specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. […]

3 Tips For Controlling Your Finances

Everyone wants to manage their money better, but few really get a handle on their spending. That is not because they are lazy or inept, it is usually because they do not know where to start. Here are three basic tips that may help you get a hand on things. Track Spending…Many people advocate this […]

Why You Should Always Pay More Than The Minimum On Your Credit Cards

When you are issued a credit card, you are told what your minimum payment will be based on your balance. That is usually pretty low and easy to meet. Yes, positive information will appear on your credit report and the minimum payments will help your credit score. Despite these positives, just making your minimum payment […]

Credit Card Rules For New Grads

The time has finally arrived…graduation. Whether it is graduation from high school or college, it is a time for celebration. It is also time to look for work and, unfortunately, learn to live in the adult world. That means managing your own money. Once you are gainfully employed, you may find yourself receiving pre-approved credit […]