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5 Ways Online Stores Get You To Spend More

When you walk into a store, you expect to be bombarded with choices meant to pry more money from you than you had initially intended to spend. Many of us think that shopping online is simpler and less expensive because of the lack of distractions. That is not necessarily true. Here are five ways that online merchants pry money from your hands.

  1. Websites will list items in order of profitability. Why? It has been proven that shoppers will buy from the top of a list without scrolling down very far.
  2. Online stores are notorious for adding a few bucks to the shipping costs to increase profits.
  3. Shipping costs are the last item that appears while shopping online because people are less likely to change their minds, even if the fees are high, once they have been through the entire shopping process already.
  4. Auto renewal is a really sneaky way to make money. Most people forget to cancel before they are charged the full subscription amount.
  5. Direct emails after the first sale keep your mind on the website, increasing the chance that you will visit again and spend more money.

There are people who make their living finding out how to separate you from your paycheck. The best thing that you can do to avoid debt consolidation in Florida is keep your budget in mind when shopping and stick to it.