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Credit Counseling: Beverly Hills (FL)

Do you want to learn to manage your debt more efficiently and decrease your monthly payments?

Let us get you in touch with a debt professional who can:

  • Analyze Your Finances.
  • Provide a Savings Estimate.
  • Guide You to the Best Plan of Action.

Credit counseling was first intended to help credit card issuers collect funds from consumers who were delinquent on their repayment demands. This means that many credit counseling programs are very affordable.

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How much is coming in, how much goes out. This is the bottom line of everything. There are criteria that will reveal what kind of financial predicament you’ve gotten yourself into. Why don’t we consider a few numbers based around an income of $14,927 each year. For Beverly Hills residents, this level of income is average.

  • $448 (36%): Perfect
  • $448 to $535 (36-43%): Decent
  • $535 to $622 (43-50%): Problematic
  • $622 or higher (50%): Severe

Credit Counseling Programs: Beverly Hills, FL

Debt Counseling Beverly Hills FL

If you are in more than $10,000 of debt, your credit counseling consultant may advise you to enroll in a debt management plan or DMP. A DMP is a method of debt consolidation, given that the money you owe on a monthly basis will be condensed into just one amount. However, there’s no loan required. This is different from a few other types of debt consolidation in Beverly Hills, FL that use secured loans to pay down your credit card balances.

You won’t need to talk to your creditors. Your credit counseling firm will handle this.

Negotiation versus Management in Beverly Hills, FL

Credit Card Counseling Beverly Hills FL

Bear in mind that credit counselors can help you clear your debts more quickly and at a decreased annual percentage rate, but you will always repay your full debts. Debt negotiation may enable you to reimburse only 40-80% of your debts; however, it could demolish your credit scores.

Selecting a Credit Counseling Agency: Beverly Hills (FL)

Credit Counseling Beverly Hills FL

As a program, credit counseling and debt management plans have been recognized by the Federal Trade Commission and other federal regulators, but beware of any credit counseling agencies in Beverly Hills that declare that they can:

  • Stop all debt collector calls
  • Delete bad stuff from your credit file
  • Reduce collateralled debts, for instance car loans
  • Erase your debts through some government program
  • Keep credit card issuers from taking legal action against you
  • Impose a fee in advance for their solutions

For details, check out this FTC guide on the subject.

Credit Counseling Beverly Hills FL

If your credit card issuers accept your Beverly Hills credit card counseling program’s DMP, you will get to enjoy decreased rates and penalties. Credit counseling helps you save time and expense. Learn more today.

Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy in Beverly Hills (FL)

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Beverly Hills FL

The economic crisis has been a problem for everyone, and bankruptcies practically endemic in Beverly Hills and across Florida. Of the 12,993 residents of Beverly Hills, it’s estimated that 65 have gone into bankruptcy. Before declaring bankruptcy, you will be required to attend an accredited credit counseling program and receive a certificate to present during your bankruptcy proceedings. The process can take place:

  • Face To Face
  • By Telephone
  • Online

Do not forget- consumer credit counseling post-bankruptcy will be required. To find approved Florida credit counseling programs, please click here, or you can talk to a qualified credit specialist by filling out this form.

Credit Counseling / Debt Counseling in Beverly Hills, FL

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