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Credit Counseling: Fort Myers (FL)

Have you been having problems paying your monthly bills each month? If so, a trusted Fort Myers credit counseling agency might be the answer.

We can connect you with a debt counseling specialist who can:

  • Analyze Your Finances.
  • Give you a Savings Estimate.
  • Guide You to the Most Effective Solution.

Credit counseling experts help their clients develop an excellent blueprint for trimming debt and repairing credit scores.

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Analyzing Your Debt

Credit Counseling Fort Myers FL

Do you have a debt to income ratio of greater than 50%? In that case, you probably should look into credit counseling as soon as you possibly can. For the average Fort Myers consumer who has earnings of $23,279 each year, this is $970 or more on a monthly basis.

Debt management programs are often affiliated with with credit counseling. With a DMP, your Fort Myers FL credit counseling agency may able to get you cheaper rates of interest and fees from your creditors.

Your credit counselor will control paying the credit card companies each and every month. All you need to do is make sure they get the agreed payment on a monthly basis.

Normally, debt management programs hope to have debt free in 36 to 60 months. Though this shouldn’t make your credit scores decrease, it is usually harder to get new personal lines of credit, for example a property or auto loan. Having said that, if you were to opt for a debt settlement program, your credit scores would probably be severely damaged. Debt consolidation loans in Fort Myers might safeguard your credit scores, because they pay back debts instantly. However, this approach can be chancy because you could lose the property you used as collateral for the loan. For most people, this would be their house.

Defending Yourself Against Credit Counseling Scams: Fort Myers (FL)

Credit Counseling Fort Myers FL

As a whole, credit counseling has been recognized by the FTC and other government authorities. Nonetheless, you must make perfectly sure that any credit counselor you find in Fort Myers, FL, is trustworthy. This can be done in several ways, like checking their testimonials from others, verifying whether or not they are registered in Florida, and taking a look at their Better Business Bureau reviews.

Bear in mind that being a not-for-profit won’t always mean that a credit counseling service is bonafide, and vice versa.

Bear in mind that credit counseling is a means of managing debt, not fighting it. Thankfully, your creditors may waive penalties and lower rates under a debt management plan.

One of the leading Fort Myers debt experts can look at your finances and offer you a savings estimate.

Credit Counseling / Debt Counseling in Fort Myers (FL)

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