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Credit Counseling: Hollywood (FL)

Has debt got you stressed? In that case, a trusted Hollywood credit counseling agency could help. Ready to talk with a professional Hollywood credit counseling company about their debt elimination plans?

Credit Counseling Hollywood FL

For residents of Hollywood, credit counseling is usually the most cost-effective debt relief option.

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Evaluating Your Monthly Debt

Credit Counseling Hollywood FL

If your debt to income ratio is greater than 50%, don’t delay; speak with a credit counselor in Hollywood right now. For the average Hollywood resident who has a salary of $3,106 each month, this is more than $1,553 on a monthly basis.

If you’re in significant debt, your credit counseling professional may recommend that you sign up for a debt management plan or DMP. A DMP is a type of debt consolidation, given that the money you owe on a monthly basis is consolidated into one monthly sum. However, no loans are involved.

You’ll write only one check per month to your Hollywood credit counseling company, and they will then divide up the funds among your creditors.

Credit Card Counseling Hollywood FL

Credit counseling typically doesn’t decrease your credit rating in the end; that said, loan companies may be reluctant to approve you for new vehicle or property loans when you’re currently signed up for a credit counseling management program in Hollywood, FL.

Choosing a Credit Counseling Service: Hollywood, FL

As an industry, credit counseling and debt management plans have been checked out by the FTC and other federal authorities. But respected credit counselors in Hollywood and throughout Florida ought to ensure that you get:

  • 45-60 Minutes of Upfront Counseling Sessions
  • Zero Charges Upfront
  • A Customized List of Action Items
  • Evidence of Qualifications

To find out more, read this FTC report on the topic.

If you call us today for a cost-free assessment, you can be more certain that you’ll be connected with one of the better credit counseling services your area.

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Credit Counseling Hollywood FL

With credit counseling, you’ve still got to pay back everything you owe. However, your creditors may waive fees and lower interest charges if you get involved in a debt management plan.

To determine just how much you could save, you need to get in touch with a trained credit counselor in Hollywood, FL – today!

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Fees Associated with Credit Counseling Firms in Hollywood, FL

Credit Counseling Hollywood FL

Credit counseling is generally free of charge, but debt management plans are not.

Debt management programs are very inexpensive: $25-35 per month, and the price is built into your monthly payment.

If you can afford to pay off 2.5% of what you owe every month, you could pay off your debts in roughly 40 months, assuming that your credit counseling company can freeze your interest rate. If he can’t, it’ll require significantly longer. You might be interested in a table showing how much this is, based on differing amounts of personal debt.

  • $15,000 Debt: $315 to $375
  • $35,000 Debt: $735 to $875
  • $45,000 Debt: $945 to $1125
  • $50,000 Debt: $1050 to $1250
  • $60,000 Debt: $1260 to $1500
  • $70,000 Debt: $1470 to $1750
  • $80,000 Debt: $1680 to $2000
  • $90,000 Debt: $1890 to $2250
  • $95,000 Debt: $1995 to $2375
  • $100,000 Debt: $2100 to $2500

Non-Profit Credit Counseling Service: Hollywood (FL)

The state’s chief not for profit credit counseling group is the NFCC. Their network is often known as the CCCS, or Consumer Credit Counseling Service. In Hollywood, Florida, a Consumer Credit Counseling Service will normally be:

  • Not For Profit
  • Affiliated with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)
  • Accredited by the HUD (Dept of Housing and Urban Development)
  • Accredited by The COA
  • Have the word CCCS in their Name

Quite often a CCCS organization will make available:

  • Post/Pre Bankruptcy Credit Counseling
  • Housing Counseling
  • Money Management Seminars

Don’t forget that not for profit credit counseling in Hollywood, FL, does not necessarily mean cost free.

To locate the nearest CCCS location in Hollywood, FL, please have a look at the directory of services we’ve published. Alternatively, you can visit the National Foundation for Credit Counseling homepage.

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Christian Credit Counseling Providers in Hollywood (FL)

Christian credit counseling agencies endeavor to help their clients realize their goals spiritually and on a financial basis. The majority are not for profit. They provide comparable assistance as conventional companies.

Debt and Credit Counseling Agencies: Hollywood (FL)

  • The Credit Council, 3389 Sheridan St, #307, 33021
  • A American Debt Counseling, 2009 Harrison St, 33020
  • Consumer Credit Counseling, 2521 Raleigh St, 33020
  • 123 Credit & Debt Counseling, 6880 Miramar Pky, 33023
  • Gonzalez, Iliana BSM – 2020 Management Group, PA, , 33160
  • Ortiz, Joe CEO – First Coast Receivables, LLC, 1515 Grant St, 33020
  • NWCDR Credit Counseling & Debt Consolidation, 2455 Hollywood Blvd, #213, 33020
  • Solid Ground Financial, 6600 Taft St, 33024
  • Consumer Credit Counseling, , 33160
  • Innovative Debt Solutions, 510 S Dixie Hwy, 33020