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Credit Counseling: Maitland (FL)

Credit Counseling Maitland FL In this case, enlisting the services of a certified credit counselor in Maitland might be the answer. Credit counseling is an affordable way of cutting your debt payments with less risk of totally wrecking your credit.

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For residents of Maitland, credit counseling is usually the cheapest means of getting out of debt.

Of the 18,114 people living in Maitland, FL, it’s believed that 668 are behind on their credit card payments.

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Your ratio of debt to income, often known as DTI, helps to determine whether your finances warrant credit counseling.

Wages DTI Debts Severity
$2,305 Less than 36% $830 or less Ideal
$2,305 37%-42% $853-$968 Fine
$2,305 43%-50% $991-$1,153 Reduce Costs
$2,305 50% Plus $1,153 or More Contact a Professional!

Maitland, FL Debt Management Plans

Debt Counseling Maitland FL

Managing debt is often associated with with credit counseling. Why enroll in a debt management program? First off, you may be able to take advantage of:

  • Lower APR’s
  • Reduced Debt Collection Agency Calls
  • Consolidated Payment Amount
  • Quicker Debt Payoff

You will write a single check each month to your Maitland credit counseling agency. They disburse the payments among your creditors.

Finding a Credit Counseling Company: Maitland (FL)

All in all, credit counseling has been checked out by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other government bodies, but be wary of any credit counselors that declare they are able to:

  • Halt all debt collector calls
  • Take away bad stuff from your credit rating
  • Reduce secured debts
  • Erase your debt by means of some federal program
  • Charge you upfront for their expertise

Don’t forget, nonprofit status does not necessarily mean that a credit counseling company is reliable, and the opposite is true as well.

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As you know, credit card debt is very troublesome since the exorbitant rates of interest guarantee that your debt will keep mounting. Any reputable credit counseling agency in Maitland should be able to have a good number of your credit card companies agree to slash your rates and late payment fees, helping you save a lot of cash in the end.

One of the leading Maitland debt experts can look at your finances and give you a quote for how much you could save.

Credit Counseling Costs in Maitland, FL

Credit Counseling Maitland FL

The counseling portion of these services should be free of charge.

Although not free, managing debt is a highly affordable solution for a lot of Maitland residents. There is typically an enrollment fee of no more than $75, along with a bill every month of only $40.

In a debt management program, the money you spend each month repaying what you owe is typically equal to your minimum credit card payment: 2.5%.

Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling in Maitland (FL)

There are 18,114 people living in Maitland, FL, and it’s estimated that 91 have found it necessary declare bankruptcy. As required by the FTC, you must participate in a pre-bankruptcy Maitland credit counseling program before you can declare bankruptcy. The program must be within half a year of when your filing date. The program can be held:

  • In Person
  • By Phone
  • Web-Based

Not every nonprofit credit counseling firm in Maitland, FL, is approved. For an approved list of approved pre-bankruptcy credit counseling services for Maitland residents, follow this link. On the other hand, you can speak with a qualified debt advisor by completing this form.

Debt Management and Credit Counseling Agencies: Maitland, FL

  • Consumer Credit Counseling, 555 Winderley Pl, #420, 32751
  • Susquehanna Holding & Investments, LLC, 1053 Maitland Center Commons Blvd, #203, 32751