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Credit Counseling: Odessa (FL)

Credit Counseling Odessa FL What if someone could cut back on your rates of interest and calls from debt collection agencies?

We connect you with debt management and credit counseling agencies to help you get the debt relief you need.

Credit counseling was originally implemented to help credit card providers recover debts from consumers who were overdue on their bills. This means many credit card counseling services are inexpensive.

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Do I Need Credit Counseling in Odessa, FL?

Your debt to income ratio helps to evaluate whether or not your finances warrant credit counseling.

Earnings DTI Debt Seriousness
$5,928 Less than 36% $2,134 or less No Problems
$5,928 37%-42% $2,193-$2,490 Okay
$5,928 43%-50% $2,549-$2,964 Too High
$5,928 50% Plus $2,964 or More SEVERE!

Odessa (FL) Debt Management Plans

Credit Card Counseling Odessa FL

Do you owe more than $10,000 in debt or have monthly payments related to rent, loans, or credit cards that amount to 50% your pay? If so, you might need to enter a DMP, or debt management program. As part of a debt management program, your Odessa FL credit counselor may able to get lower rates of interest and penalties from your credit card companies. Your credit counselor will manage your creditors directly.

Finding a Credit Counseling Agency in Odessa (FL)

If you work with an honest agency, credit counseling can be highly effective. Actually, the Federal Trade Commission now demands it for those filing bankruptcy, but watch out for any credit counseling organizations in Odessa that declare that they’re able to:

  • End all collections calls
  • Prevent credit card issuers from taking legal action against you
  • Charge a fee up-front for their solutions

For more information, read this FTC write-up on how to choose a credit counselor.


Credit Counseling Odessa FL

Though credit counseling doesn’t include any reduction of debt, you can save a bundle by virtue of cheaper interest and fewer penalty charges. Let an experienced credit expert take a look at your finances and offer a savings quote.

Odessa FL Credit Counseling

Credit and Debt Counseling Agencies: Odessa, FL

  • R Harris Financial, Incorporated, , 34667