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Credit Counseling: Tampa (FL)

Have you been drowning in monthly bills? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Florida Debt Consolidation, we match our users to credit counselors in Tampa, FL.

Tampa FL Credit Counseling

For residents of Tampa, credit card counseling is typically the most cost-effective means of getting out of debt.

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Assessing Your Monthly Debt

On average, the salary for residents of Tampa is $17,913 per annum, which is $1,493 a month. You need to get hold of a credit counselor if you make $1,493 and find you are spending $642-$747 per month on debts like:

  • Credit Lines
  • Loans
  • Cash Advances
  • Mortgage or Rent

Debt management is often affiliated with with credit counseling. If you sign up for a debt management plan, you might be able to benefit from:

  • Reduced Rates
  • Decreased Debt Collection Telephone Calls
  • Single Monthly Payment
  • Speedier Debt Relief

Your credit counselor will deal with payment to the credit card companies each month. Pretty much all you need to do is make sure they get the predetermined payment on a monthly basis.

Normally, credit counseling services endeavor to have your debts paid back 3 to 5 years. While this shouldn’t make your credit rating drop, it usually is challenging to get approved for new a line of credit. Then again, if you were to go with a debt settlement program, you could you expect your credit ratings to be seriously impaired. Debt consolidation loans in Tampa may protect your credit score, considering that they pay off all of your debts all at once. However, this approach can be hazardous. After all, you may be at an increased risk of surrendering the property you used as collateral for the loan

Defending Yourself Against Credit Counseling Scams: Tampa, FL

Credit Counseling Tampa FL

As an industry, credit counseling and debt management plans have been checked out by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other federal regulators. All the same, watch out for any credit counselors that say that they are able to:

  • Stop all calls from collectors
  • Get you out of debt through a new federal program
  • Ensure the removing of unsecured debts
  • Impose a fee upfront for their expertise

Remember, being a non-profit doesn’t necessarily mean that a credit counseling service is reputable, and vice versa.

As you know, consumer credit card debt is really challenging since the high rates ensure that your debt keeps escalating. Any effective credit counseling specialist in Tampa can have a good number of your creditors reduce your rates of interest and extra fees, saving you a handsome profit long term.

Credit counseling helps save time and cash. Learn more today.

Credit Counseling Tampa FL

The counseling component of credit counseling should be free of charge. How much does a DMP cost you? Typically $25-30 a month, coupled with an initial fee of around $75.

Most DMP’s will require you to pay back 2.5 percent of your total unsecured debt on a monthly basis.

You might be interested in an overview of how much this amounts to, based on differing amounts of financial debt.

Debt 2.1% 2.5%
$5000 $105 $125
$15,000 $315 $375
$30,000 $630 $750
$35,000 $735 $875
$45,000 $945 $1125
$55,000 $1155 $1375
$60,000 $1260 $1500
$70,000 $1470 $1750
$75,000 $1575 $1875
$95,000 $1995 $2375
$100,000 $2100 $2500

Credit Counseling / Debt Counseling Agencies in Tampa (FL)

  • 1st Credit Consulting, 13918 N Boulevard, 33613
  • Credit Clean, 532 Bridle Path Ln, 33634
  • Idebt Assistance Debt Consolidation Program, 10326 Venitia Real Ave, #103, 33647
  • Murphy-Martin Recovery-Inc., 3601 W Swann Ave, 33609
  • Debt Collection Agency B & A, 400 E Cass St, 33602
  • A Fresh Start, 8017 N 11th St, 33604
  • Parwani Law, PA, 9905 Alambra Ave, 33619
  • Bankruptcy Attorney, 2501 W Busch Blvd, #6, 33618
  • Weller Legal Group, 2501 W Busch Blvd, 33618
  • Cedola & Vincent PL, 2202 N Westshore Blvd, #200, 33607